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Let us help you achieve your mental, physical, health and wellness goals!

About - Acupuncture4U in Orange, California

Welcome, I am your personal eastern medicine doctor Jeanice Akee, California Licensed Acupuncturist, Master of Science Oriental Medicine, NIH Alcohol, Drug and Narcotic Mental Health Research Fellow. I am please to help you achieve your personal physical and mental wellness goals.

We offer group community acupuncture for mental emotional wellness and individual personalized therapy sessions for your convenience. Our service include acupuncture, cupping, electric and needless laser acupuncture therapy for cellular regeneration, pain and weight management.

Our main office is located at 1310 W. Stewart, Suite 401, in the City or Orange, 92868.  For this office appointments are offered from Thursday - Friday from 10-7 p m. Saturday, 9-1 pm.

Another satellite office is located in Los Angeles at various locations, email for your local area office or mobile appointment for Monday - Wednesday. 

We promote alternative wellness as a complement to western medicine treatments such as drug abuse, additions, chronic pain, acute and chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases and including a host of other internal medicine diseases. In addition, we offer mental, physical---health and wellness strategies and solutions to improve your overall constitutional condition. We offer functional medicine so you can achieve optimum health and wellness. We are grateful to be able to share the benefit of my extensive education and knowledge with you. We are trained not only in acupuncture, but in a wide array of Chinese medicine modalities. We are licensed by the California state and recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). We are education in western pathology and internal medicine as a part of our education experience.

Auricular Acupuncture for Treating Alcohol, Drug and Addition

The NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) Protocol, developed by Dr. Michael Smith of the Lincoln Recovery Center in response to the heroin and alcohol addiction epidemic of the 1970′s, was also utilized for the clinical treatment of crack cocaine addiction in the 1980’s and 90’s. In the aftermath of the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001, it was used at Ground Zero for the treatment of trauma and PTSD in 911 First Responders, proving its effectiveness in the field. Since then, the NADA Auricular Acupuncture protocol has spread to practitioners treating trauma, addiction and PTSD world wide.
Among the benefits reported by patients/clients and clinicians:
    * improved program retention
    * more optimistic and cooperative attitude toward the process of recovery
    * reductions in cravings, anxiety, and sleep disturbance
    * reduced need for pharmaceuticals
Clinicians trained in the NADA technique apply fine gauge, sterilized, one-time-use stainless steel needles just under the skin at five designated ear points in each auricle (outer ear). The needles remain in place for up to an hour while (in most circumstances) the client relaxes quietly in a comfortable chair. Ordinarily, groups of patients/clients sit together while undergoing the treatment. Clients in all types of settings –  inpatient, outpatient, incarceration, shelters, harm reduction and street outreach –  can utilize the treatment. We utilize NADA and auricular protocols to treat emotional and mental disorders.


Your unique health care situation is of the utmost importance. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can benefit you. Together we can work toward achieving your health and wellness goals.

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About - Acupuncture4U in Orange, California 

Jeanice Akee is a licensed acupuncturist in Placentia, Beverly Hills, CA



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