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Tele-Medicine is available.Jeanice Akee offers Acupuncture in Orange, California

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Stay Healthy and Well.

Free Clinic

Free Telemedicine for COVID19 PTSD

Text 714.865.7573 for Information

Sea of Wellness NP Clinic is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation. The mission of Sea of Wellness is to provide integrated and alternative primary care to Seniors and low income families. We offer free community acupuncture and tai chi to families and seniors to promote health and wellness and to help lower their health care cost. 

We solicit neighborhood clinics, churches and schools to support us with Sea of Wellness Community Clinics. Since, the COV19 pandermic, we are offering free community wellness workshops online, in addition links are available to Isha Foundation free programs that includes mediation, yoga and nutrition. Here at Sea of Wellness many wellness solutions are offered.  FREE COVID19 PTSD Telemedicine Therapy.


Promoting mental health and physical wellness, one patient at a time!