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Case Study: Acupuncture Facial to decrease size of pores and brighten skin

Case Study: Acupuncture Facial to decrease size of pores and brighten skin, Acupuncture4U in Orange, California

30 year old female patient, chief complaint was discoloration and large pores. This is patient first treatment with facial acupuncture and electrical acupuncture.  This patient has recently experience trauma and back pain. She also does not like the sensation of being stuck with needles so minimum needles was used.  Yin tang, Ren 24, Du 26, and St 7 were used to stimulate these channel and to circulate qi and blood. To really stimulate collagen and blood flow, the Meridian Energy Acupuncture Pen was used on a low setting 2 as illustrated below.

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Treatment took about 60 minutes.  After treatment, patient's skin was clear and smoother.

Acupuncture4U in Orange, California

We recommend 10 treatments for remarkable results.

Case Study: Treating Shingles

by Jenny

pain management4uCase Study: Treating Shingles, Acupuncture4U in Orange, California

78 year old female patient arrived at Acupuncture4U with a western diagnosis of shingles. From observation of skin, cheeks were bright red more severe on the left side of the face, upper left eye lid was beet red, pain extended into the upper scalp on the left side, left eye was slightly closed, and there was no out break or rashes noted.  Symptoms began, 12 weeks ago, severity of pain was 10/10. Patient was suffering from depression (10/10) and was talking about giving up. Patient has a history of osteoporosis, atrial fibrillation, and pre-hypertension. She is currently taking acyclovir. blood thinners and supplements and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise route to support mental and physical health. Patient's vital signs were stable: blood pressure 135/92, heart rate 71, temperature 98.6. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the patient was diagnosis as having damp heat in spleen and gallbladder channel. For shingles on the face, our main goal was to protect the health of the eye. Needle Bl 1 and GB1 as well as BL 2 and Yu Yao. These points are very painful, but don’t skip these points – they are invaluable. With ophthalmic zoster, we also added Tai Yang, GB 14, GB 13, GB 15, TW 23, BL 7, ST 8 and any Ah Shi points on the scalp. Clear heat from the Gallbladder channel, Triple Warmer (esp. TW 2) and the Bladder channel as these channels are along the dermatome of the 5th cranial nerve. Use distal points to Clear Heat from the eye area are BL 62, LIV 2, KID 6, BL 67, GB 44 (BL and GB channels start at corners of eye) and include the commander of the face, LI 4. 

After the first treatment patient, felt the results right away. She rated the pain 3/10 and she felt less heat sensation in her face.

Case Study: Pre-Tween Back Injury

10 year old female, chief complain was she heard her back crack after she twisted and felt down from jumping on a jumpy at a party. She was taken to the urgent care and diagnosed with a muscle sprain.  Patient pain level was on and off, more pain with movement, 8/10.  Patient's mother brought daughter to clinic for Tuina, Chinese massage.

Patient receive mild manipulation. Pain level 4/10. Two days later, she received mild manipulation and mineral infrared heat lamp for 15 minutes along with on UB 10. 

Patient felt completely better after the final appointment with a pain level of 0/10.

Case Study: Pre-Tween Back Injury, Acupuncture4U in Orange, California